Rock On Oh Raconteur

I hope you had a filling and satisfying Thanksgiving. (Food, glorious food . . . I love that song from the movie Oliver . . .)

Family gatherings are most interesting. Some families enjoy them and look forward to them (like I do) and others endure or try to avoid them. One of the reasons that I enjoy our family gatherings is because one of my brothers-in-law is a raconteur.

A raconteur (noun – rak-uhn-tur) is a person who tells stories or anecdotes with great skill and wit. This brother-in-law always seems to have a great story or incident that he very skillfully shares. He is definitely a great raconteur. By the way, a raconteur does NOT tell the same story over and over thus putting people to sleep faster than Tylenol PM. That person is a bore!

Also in my family, are several nephews who are trenchermen. A trencherman (noun – tren-cher-muhn) is one who has a hearty appetite, is a heavy eater, or is a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess. (That’s NOT my nephews! Just the hearty appetite part.) Or, a trencherman could be a table companion which leads me to include the archaic definition which is one who frequents another’s table, is a hanger-on, or a parasite. So probably depending whether or not you like the person, a trencherman could be a person who has a hearty appetite or is a person whom you consider to be a parasite.

And speaking of appetites, I just HAVE to include a fun food word here — amuse-bouche (uhmyooz boosh). This comes from the French. We all know that amuse is to entertain in an enjoyable or cheerful manner. Bouche is French for mouth. So amuse-bouche is somthing that entertains the mouth. This is usually a small complientary appetizer offered at some restaurants like chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant. There is a local steak house that places a small bucket of peanuts to shell and eat as you look at the menu. Amuse-bouche — mouth pleasers.

So, if you have to share a meal with a trencherman, it would be good to have some amuse-bouches available and a raconteur to help liven the conversation.

Bon appétit!

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