Mitigate Christmas Shopping

Does fighting the Christmas shopping crowds make you want to curl up and hibernate until spring?  If so, you might want to mitigate your shopping experience.

Mitigate (mit-i-geyt) is a verb that means to lessen in force or intensity, such as wrath, grief, harshness, or pain.  I have yet to know anybody who does not need to lessen the pain of their Christmas shopping experiences.  (I could apply that to almost ALL shopping because shopping is a painful activity for me.  I’d rather have 10 root canals all at the same time without any anesthesia rather than go shopping — unless it is shopping for technology or books . . .)  

You probably see this word in the newspaper quite often in reference to some punishment or prison sentence or to a divorce proceedings.  If these activities were mitigated, they would be less severe.   The punishment or sentence would be lighter.  The divorce would be more agreeable.

You could also moderate, temper, or relax (mitigate) the violence of your behavior or your feelings.  You could be kinder and gentler.  Speak softer.  Be more thoughtful.  People would be more apt to want to be around you if you did!

You could also mitigate Monday mornings.  To mitigate Mondays, treat yourself to some soothing music as you drive to work.  Take note of the beauties of nature. Smile and say hello to your co-workers. Maybe even get more sleep over the week-end.

Mitigate.  Milder.  Try it.  You might like it.

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