A Diminutive, Svelte Boss

On Friday, I chatted with a group of coworkers about running marathons.  (I personally think that people who run marathons should have their heads examined!)  However, my diminutive boss has run a couple and has qualified to run the Boston Marathon.  She’s quite excited about it.  Because of her running, she has a diminutive, svelte physique.

Diminutive (di-min-yuh-tiv) is an adjective that means small, tiny, little.  My boss is diminutive in height.  (I don’t believe she’s much over five feet three inches tall.)  She is diminutive is weight.  (I’d be surprised if she weighed more than 100 pounds.)  She’s definitely diminutive!

You could refer to a book as being diminutive.  A child sized table or chair is diminutive.  An apartment could be diminutive.

The things that I just mentioned maybe diminutive but they are not svelte.  Svelte  (svelt), an adjective, applies only to human figures, to a person’s physique. (Physique (fi-zeek) is a bonus word for you.  It means body structure.)  A svelte figure is a slender figure, one that is gracefully slender.  That describes my boss perfectly!  Gracefully slender.

May you make it through the holidays keeping your figure diminutive and svelte!

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