Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope that this coming year will bring you joy and happiness!

This time of year seems to prompt people to set resolutions with the hopes that they will change things for the better. I’m making a New Year’s resolution to make regular posts on my blog. I will post on Mondays and Fridays and do the podcast on Tuesdays. Having a consistent schedule will be very helpful for my readers, don’t you think?

Years ago, we wallpapered our son’s bedroom. Now that he is in college, the little sailboats don’t seem too appropriate. So, we decided to take it off and paint his room. (A note of warning to anybody considering wallpapering: DON’T!!!!! It is a pain to remove once you decide you no longer want it. Especially vinyl wallpaper.)

Our son decided he wanted midnight blue for the ceiling and a very pale blue for his walls. Since my husband is so conservative with colors, getting him to agree to midnight blue was a big deal. But he did. So the ceiling was painted.

Alas, to our son’s chagrin, the other color was too baby blue. It wasn’t light enough. Now, we have the dilemma of selecting a different color.

Chagrin (shuh-grin) is a noun that describes feelings of acute vexation, annoyance, or mortification. These feelings usually come from disappointment, from being thwarted, or from failure. We certainly were feeling extremely disappointed and thwarted about the actual color of the light blue paint. Those tiny samples that you get from the paint store sure look different when it’s painted on walls!

We are chagrined because the vision we had in our minds didn’t match the reality of the color of the paint. Now we have to determine what other color to use instead.

We are being very assiduous in trying to get our son’s room redecorated before I have to go back to work. What a way to spend a holiday, huh?

Assiduous (uh-sij-oo-uhs) is an adjective that means diligent, industrious, or constant in application to the business in hand. It means persevering and working diligently at a task. Well, I’m not sure that we are working diligently at the task. But we are persevering and plugging along doing as much as we can in the time that we have. I’m trying not to be daunted.

Daunt (dawnt) is a verb that means to lessen the courage of or to dishearten. If someone is daunted they are overcome with fear or intimidation. I am not disheartened or discouraged about the color being undesirable. My courage is not lessened. I will succeed . . . it just might take a while to find the right color. (I’m now leaning toward silver . . . .)

I hope you are not daunted or chagrined as you learn new vocabulary words. Improving your vocabulary is great fun!

Adios for now!

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