What a Husband Should Be

As you probably know, our son recently got married. His reception was Saturday night. I was chatting at the reception with my niece who lives in New York. She knows I love words and have a “word of the day” posted on my fridge. She said, “Aunt Nina, have I got the word for you!” She was very excited and eager to share the word. And, when I found out the word, I, too, loved it — as all wives probably would!!

She couldn’t remember the word – only the definition. So she called her husband (who was still in New York) on her cell phone. He went to an online reverse look-up site where he could type in the definition and find the word. When he found it, she gave me the phone.  He was being a uxorious husband!

The work is uxorious. Uxorious (uhk-sawr-ee-uhs) is an adjective that means doting upon, foolishly fond of, or affectionately submissive toward one’s wife. It’s Latin root comes from uxor which means wife.

What a great word!! Every wife – and husband – should know this word. And every husband should implement this word into his actions!! Like, what’s wrong with being uxorious?? Men might not like being submissive.  But, wifes would certainly appreciate being doted upon.  It is far better to have an uxorious husband than one who has odium for his wife.

Odium (oh-dee-uhm) is a noun that means strong dislike or contempt. Having an intense hatred or dislike, especially toward a person or thing regarded as contemptible, despicable, or repugnant. I would hope that a husband does not view his wife with intense hatred or dislike. It would be very bad news if he thought she was repugnant or despicable. Much better for their relationship if he was uxorious. If the husband felt odium, he might be snarky with his wife.  Or she could be snarkly with him!

Snarky (snahr-kee) is mainly a British slang word that means testy or irritable. To be short or rudely brief with a person. It’s interesting to note that the origin of the work means to nag or to find fault with a person. Now it has evolved into a word that is applicable to both spouses.  So, if a husband has odium for his wife and is not uxorious, the wife could get snarky with her husband! And then who knows what would happen . . . .

Moral: It’s wise to treat your spouse (whether the husband or the wife!) with loving kindness and thoughtfulness!

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