A Thinking Place, A Thinker, An Excessive Talker

Last night, I happened to stumble upon a fascinating site on the Internet. The name of it intrigued me – and I decided I just HAD to share it here. The title was The Phrontistery. The URL is http://phrontistery.info.

The word phrontistery (fron-tus-tree) is a noun that means a place for thinking or studying or an establishment for study and learning. So, it literally means a thinking place. This could be a university. Or it could be a home. It could be a car. Anyplace where people think.

But I think that there should be a qualifier. As I drive in my car to work, I could be thinking about picking up groceries after work. Or that I need to do a search and rescue in my flowerbeds to rid them of the weeds. Or that I should have gotten more sleep. Not deep thinking.

If by some rare chance I’m thinking about the meaning of life as I drive to work, then my car is a phrontistery. Alas, I can’t recall when I last pondered about the meaning of life so my car is definitely out as a phrontistery!

The website states that it is a source for knowledge relating to language and social thought. I didn’t take much time to see what was there (it’s quite an extensive website!). I think I will peruse it in much the same way that I eat chocolate covered caramels – savoring it a bite at a time. One must spend one’s time thinking about what one reads, now mustn’t one? And, if one does, one is a phrontist.

A phrontist (fron-tist) is a person devoted to studious meditation. A deep thinker. Sometimes I delude myself into thinking I’m a deep thinker. Then reality hits and I realize just how ghastly shallow my thinking is. Sigh . . . . Maybe poking around The Phrontistery might help . . . maybe . . .

The website also mentioned the International House of Logorrhea which is an online dictionary of obscure and rare words. Logorrhea. Mmm . . . sounds like diarrhea. Since I wasn’t familiar with the word (logorrhea not diarrhea!), I trundled* over to my good friend, The Oxford English Dictionary. Logorrhea (law-guh-ree-uh) means an excessive flow of words. Wearisome volubility**. Yup. Verbal diarrhea.

Sometimes it refers to an excessive volubility that accompanies different forms of mental illness. Does that mean anybody who talks incessantly is mentally ill? That would mean a great majority of teenagers need psychiatric help!

I extend a call to everyone within the sound of the clicks of my keyboard to rise up and be a phrontist. Spend time thinking. Deep thinking. Stretch your little grey cells. Put them through rigorous mental calisthenics. If you do, you’ll probably be among the 2 percent of the world’s population who think***!

*Trundle (trun-dl) means to move or walk with a rolling gait. Those who are behemoth such as I tend to trundle a lot.
**Volubility. (Don’t you hate it when you look up the definition of a word and you don’t understand the words used in the definition??) Volubility (vol-yah-bil-ity means a ready and continuous flow of words or a talkative.
***Totally made up statistic. But is sure sounded good, huh?


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