Tohubohu Be Gone!

Yesterday, we had a delightful snowstorm. (How can anything that has ‘storm’ in the word be delightful??) The flakes were huge and gently floated down. As I looked out the window to the snow crested pine trees in our yard, it looked like a Christmas card scene. And, I was inside my snuggery, sipping hot cocoa, and doing some light reading – Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. This book will hopefully help me be less dilatory! (Check Feb. 19th’s post for the definition of this mighty fine word.)

Snuggery (snug-uh-ree) is a noun that means a snug, cozy place or a comfortable or cozy room. At 5:14 a.m. my bed is definitely a snuggery that I loathe to leave. During the sub-zero Arctic winter, my family room with a fire in the fireplace, a soft blanket to wrap up in, a good book to read, and a cup of hot chocolate is definitely a snuggery. To my nephews who enjoy Jeeping in Moab, Utah, sitting behind the wheel of a Jeep on a 4-wheel trail is a snuggery. (To me, the thousand foot drop off just inches away from where their tires are tends to counterbalance any snuggery feelings while inside said Jeep. . . .)

My next word is a fun word to say. And to use. It is tohubohu. We have the Hebrew language to thank for this great word. Tohubohu (toh-hoo-boh-hoo) is a noun that means chaos, disorder, and total confusion. Sounds like a teenager’s room, huh? A 5 year-old’s birthday party. Shopping at those pre-dawn Christmas specials where you get a PlayStation 2 for $49.99. Vicious tohubohu at those times. I’m speculating that bookstores like Barnes and Noble might have some midnight tohubohu at the release of the seventh Harry Potter book. Any place where there is confusion and chaos can be considered tohubohu.

Another fun word is jim-jams. Try saying THAT really fast ten times!! Jim-jams (jim-jamz) is a noun that is a slang term for the jitters. If you have to speak in front of a large audience, you could have the jim-jams. Over the week-end, one of my employees was going to ask his future father-in-law for his daughter’s hand in marriage. I dare say he probably had the jim-jams. I’ll have to check to see how he survived when he comes to work today. Sometimes during plays at a local theater, I get the jim-jams. (I’ve often wondered if it’s the restless leg syndrome. But I don’t think so.)

Another definition for jim-jams is the delirium tremens (involuntary tremors and visual hallucinations experienced by someone who is going through alcohol dependency withdrawals). I’m assuming it’s easy for people to know whether a person has the delirium tremens type of jim-jams or just a case of generally nervousness type of jim-jams.

If you eliminate tohubohu from your lives and from your home, you could create a delightful snuggery that would not cause anyone to have the jim-jams!


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