Daylight Savings Time Kills Alacrity

Ah, the advent of daylight savings time.   Why would any sane lawmaker want to meddle with time?  (Key word here is ‘sane.’)  How in the world do they think that changing daylight savings time will help us save energy?  It didn’t save any of my energy this morning.  I didn’t have any!   When my alarm clock went off at 5:15 a.m., I did not leave my cozy warm bed (a snuggery for sure!) with much alacrity.  More like molasses.  Oozing slowly at a snail’s pace.

Alacrity (uh-lak-ri-tee) is a noun that means promptness, eager and ready enthusiasm, quickness, briskness, cheerful readiness, liveliness, promptitude, and sprightliness.  Was I sprightly this morning?  Was I lively?  Cheerfully?  Prompt?  Eager and ready?  Quick?  Not in the least!!!

If a person arrives at work with enthusiasm and a cheerful readiness to work, they have alacrity.  If a co-worker accepts an assignment with a briskness, and eagerness, she has alacrity.  If grandma is perky, sprightly, brisk, and merry as she cleans her home, she has alacrity.  Students leaving school for summer vacation are brimming with alacrity – enthusiasm, eagerness, and liveliness to embrace the freedom from homework and school.  They look forward to summer leisure pursuits with alacrity.

My lack of alacrity this morning was exacerbated by the fact that my head hasn’t hit the pillow at a decent hour for several nights in a row.  Exacerbate (ehg-zas-er-beyt) is a verb that means to make worse, to aggravate, to intensify, to make an already bad situation worse. To increase in severity.  If you have money woes and then your teen-age son totals the car, your money problems are exacerbated (intensified and made worse).  If a wife is feeling neglected because her husband watches sports on TV all the time and then he forgets their anniversary, the tenseness in their relationship is exacerbated by his forgetfulness.  If you have to visit your Great-Aunt Martha who owns 13 cats (and you are allergic to cats), your allergies would be exacerbated during your visit.

But maybe as you walk into Great-Aunt Martha’s home, you might have the audacity to ask her to put all of her furry felines outside.  Audacity (aw-das-i-tee) is a noun that means aggressive boldness, and daring.  Extreme confidence, nerve – bordering on foolhardiness.  If Great-Aunt Martha is passionate about her cats and never lets them outside, your request would be very bold and aggressive almost foolhardy — especially if she is so passionate about the cats.  If you just got engaged and your future mother-in-law raves about a movie and you tell her that the movie stinks, that takes audacity!   If you have borrowed and borrowed and borrowed money from your brother and he has refused to lend you more until your repay him, you have audacity to ask for more.  Audacity.  Aggressive boldness and daring that is almost fool hardy.

May your audacity never exacerbate any situations in your life!


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