Gleefully Gamboling in the Park

A while back, I saw some pictures of a palace that were taken at night. There were tons of crystal chandeliers, golden walls, highly polished floors. Gold was the dominate color! The inside décor was refulgent. And, the scene from outside was refulgent, too. (I would hate to pay the power bill on that place . . . . but if they can afford to build it, they can probably afford to pay the utilities.)

Refulgent (ri-fuhl-juhnt) is an adjective that means shining brightly, radiant, gleaming. If a sunrise or sunset was especially spectacular, you could describe it as a refulgent sunrise. If a car was waxed, polished, and buffed to a high gloss, you could have a refulgent car. After visiting the dentist and having your teeth whitened, you could have a refulgent smile. Fireworks, diamond rings, a proud new father – all could be described as being refulgent.

Yesterday was Easter and with Easter comes the Easter egg hunt, picnics, and outside activities — fun, frolicking, and gamboling. Gambol (gam-buhl) is a verb that means to frolic or to skip about as in dancing and playing. When you combine a lovely spring day with an activity such as an Easter egg hunt, children love to gambol, frolic, and play outdoors. I guess parents could also gambol at these hunts. But, we old fogies* tend to be more staid in our conduct.

Staid (steyd) is an adjective that means sedate in character, proper, serious, decorous, solemn. A staid person is one who is noticeably quiet, composed, and sober in conduct. Certainly NOT someone who would gambol about outside seeking hidden plastic Easter eggs filled with candy. NOT someone who would chase butterflies with children. NOT someone who would spontaneously take off their shoes and socks, roll up their pant legs, and wade in a stream. NOT someone who would wear bright faddish clothing. And, certainly NOT someone that would have very much fun!!

May your spring days be filled with light-hearted frolicking and gamboling.

*Fogie (foh-gee): a dull, boring person, someone who is behind the times, over-conservative.


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