A Technology Afficionado

A technology afficionado. That’s me!! Last night I was describing myself and that word (afficiondao) just popped into my head. And, since it fit, I used it.

An afficionado (uh-fish-yuhnah-doh — that could be spelled with one ‘f’ or two!) is a noun that describes a person who is an ardent devotee, fan, or enthusiast. An enthusiastic admirer or follower. I am very devoted to technology. I’m enthusiastic about technology. I am a great fan of technology. (My friend called me an anomoly*!) I love fast computers. I love snazzy software programs. I adore technology gadgets and widgets. I get giddy with technology glee!

Sometimes people are afficionados for a sports team. Or for wines. Or for photography. Or for body building. Or for mountain biking. A person could be an afficionado about almost anything!! So, if you’re highly interested and devoted to something, you could refer to yourself as being an afficionado. And, hopefully, you have as much fun with your area of interest as I do with mine!

*anomaloy – (uhnomuh-lee) a deviation from the common rule, type, or form. I fit this word, too, since you don’t find many (if any) women — and especially women my age — that are so enthralled with technology . . .


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