The Grand Kerfuffle

Yesterday, I saw a poster advertising titled “The Grand Kerfluffle.” I hadn’t seen the word ‘kerfluffle for a LONG time so I thought I would write about it today.

Kerfuffle (ker-fuh-ful) is a noun that means a disturbance, a disorderly outburst or tumult, or a domestic ‘row.’ Yesterday in the news, there was a woman who was trying to smother her daughter because of a disagreement over household chores. She is now in jail booked on charges of attempted murder. THAT definitely was a kerfuffle!

A few days ago one of our neighbors had a broken sprinkler pipe. When another neighbor stopped to chat about the broken pipe, the pipe owner burst out in a violent tirade, verbally abusing the other neighbor and ordering him off the property! That was a kerfuffle — one that was WAY out of proportion. (In fact totally uncalled for since the first neighbor was just being neighborly in trying to help with the broken pipe!)

If children roll around on the floor and tussle and fight, that is a kerfuffle. If a wive gets upset that her husband spends all of his time watching football on TV and they get in an argument about it, that is a kerfuffle. If you do something at work and your boss gets angry at you and you have an argy-bargy (remember that is a heated discussion bordering on an argument?), that is a kerfuffle.

If everybody tried to be a little kinder to others, many kerfuffles could be avoided!


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