Something Good This Way Comes

Today I’m going to share only one word – but two variations of it!  That word is auspicious.

Auspicious (aw-spish-uhs) is an adjective that means promising success, opportune, favorable, and fortunate.  It means that there is a hint, a suggestion, a sign that something good or wonderful is about to happen.

I work at a university.  It is the end of the semester and many students are seeking internships.  If they get one with a good company, it could mean an auspicious beginning to the career of their dreams because many companies hire the folks they get as interns.  Students are elated when they get that ‘dream’ internship.

If an editor of a prestigious magazine accepts a manuscript from a writer, that is an auspicious event for the writer – especially if the writer is just beginning to get established.   That is probably the big break for which the writer is hoping!

If an employer hires an employee and finds out that the employee has additional skills that she was unaware of, that is an auspicious (or fortunate and favorable) hiring for the employer.  (Sometimes it seems that the employee has LESS skills than what the employer thought!)

Now, let’s look at the flip side of this word.  Inauspicious.  One of the meanings of the prefix ‘in’ means ‘not.’  So inauspicious means not auspicious.   Something that is inauspicious is not promising success, not opportune, not favorable, not fortunate.  Instead of having a hint of good things to come, it is a foreboding or omen of bad things to come.

My boss ran the Boston marathon last week.  The weather forecast was definitely inauspicious (not favorable). True to the forecast, it was rainy, windy, and cold.  I guess that  type of condition was a wee bit better than running when it is miserably hot.  But then ANY running of a marathon is miserable!  🙂

At work, our office is doing some remodeling.  The folks who were supposed to set up some cubicles were supposed to be there in the morning.  They didn’t come and didn’t come.  It was an inauspicious beginning (not promising success) for getting the cubicles set up.  By 5:00 p.m., the workers still hadn’t shown up . . .

Sometimes sports teams may have an inauspicious beginning of a season.  They may have unlucky and unfortunate events happen such as players being injured or unexpected losses.  Sometimes the team can rise above the inauspicious beginning and go on to have a winning season.  And sometimes they don’t.

I hope that today marks the beginning of an auspicious week for you – where success and good fortune come your way!


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