Capacious Spaces

It is graduation time at the university where I work. One of challenges surrounding graduation is to find places big enough to hold the graduates and their families. For these types of occasions, they need capacious spaces!

Capacious (kuhpey-shuhs) is an adjective that means capable of holding much. Spacious or roomy. The center where we hold basketball games is capacious enough for these large crowds. Thank goodness! And to go right along with the capacious building, there is a capacious parking lot that is capable of holding many cars. Sad to say the surrounding roads are not capacious so there will be lots of traffic jams before and afterwards.

Our friends’ son is getting married in a couple of weeks. The bride’s family had to find a capacious place to hold the reception. My husband built a capacious shop — big enough to hold LOTS of junk! Some women carry capacious purses — purses that have the capacity to carry a great many things. Our yard is capacious. We’ve had up to 75 people over for parties and have had plenty of room. In fact, we could have probably had 100 people and would have been just fine. Airplanes do not have capacious seating arrangements — at least not in the planes that I’ve flown in. Wait a minute. Maybe they do in first class, but who can afford first class??

Teen-aged boys seem to have a capacious stomach — one that is very capable of holding lots of food. Or at least it seems that way to their mothers! Football stadiums are capacious. Sometimes movie theaters are capacious. So are halls where symphonies, operas, and plays are performed.

The other day, my husband and I drove to a little community not too far from our home. There really weren’t any stores, gas stations, restaurants. It was a place where there were just homes. On the outskirts of this community, there were a couple of very large and capacious homes! And next to the homes, there were capacious barns. There was a sign about fox trotter horses. So, I’m guessing that those folks raised and sold fox trotters.

I hope that our hearts are capacious enough to allow all types of people into them!


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