Today’s New Word

Since I didn’t post anything on Friday or Monday, I thought that I would post something today. Kinda making up for being a slacker . . .

So the word for today is calumny. Calumny (kal-uhm-nee), a noun, is a false and malicious statement designed to hurt or ruin the reputation of someone. Slander. An abusive attack on a person’s character or good name.

I called myself a slacker. Which is true. I did slack off on making a post last Friday and this past Monday. If it were not true, that would have been a calumny — a false statement attacking my good character.

Maybe when you took your car in to get fixed, the mechanic charged more than you thought was a fair price. You are unhappy. You are angry. So, you tell your friends that the mechanic was dishonest. The mechanic wasn’t dishonest. You were just unhappy about how much you had to pay. Yet you said a calumny against the mechanic.

During political campaigns, calumnies are sometimes spoken by the candidates in an effort to discredit their opponents. When two teen-age girls like the same boy, sometimes one girl might spread calumnies about the other girl. If someone doesn’t like what his boss does, sometimes employees will utter calumnies to co-workers – false statements that are malicious with the intent to hurt the boss’s reputation.

This makes me think of what my mother would say. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it.” If everybody followed that advice, there wouldn’t be any calumny in the world!


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