Distrait in the Merry Month of May!

My, my, my.  What a busy month May has been – and will continue to be – for me.  All day Friday was taken up with wedding events.  Saturday was taken up with yet another wedding.  Today is ‘catch-up’ day at work.  And, to top it off, I’m taking a beginning guitar class so I’ve had to attend class – and practice!  I’ve been quite distrait about not posting anything to my blog! 

Distrait (di-strey) is an adjective that means absent-minded.  Having your attention distracted from the present.  I have been distrait (absent minded and distracted from my blog) because of the weddings – thinking of who I need to get where and at what time, getting the gifts made (quilts) and wrapped and ready to give, where all of the different festivities were being held and at what time. . . .

Sometimes professors could be considered distrait because they are absent minded at times.  Maybe you remember the Disney movie called the Absent Minded Professor?  Mothers can be distrait at times as they get caught up in thinking about all of the things on their to-do list for the day.  Sometimes employees are distrait and not very attentive to the details of their work.  I think almost everybody at some time or other has been distrait because they are swamped with things that they have to do and they are absent minded about some of their responsibilities.

Distrait can also mean inattentive because of distracting worries or fears.  This puts a little bit of a different twist on the meaning of the word.  It’s one thing to be absent minded or inattentive just because you are busy thinking of other things and busy doing many things.  It’s something else to be inattentive or distracted about what you are doing because of worries or fears. 

Someone performing for the first time might be distrait before the performance because they are so nervous.  Sometimes older people get distrait when their normal routine is changed and they get stressed out.  My husband gets very distrait when he has to speak.  (Public speaking isn’t his cup of tea . . . )

I have a reprieve for a day or two – until I need to start worrying about picking family members up from the airport at various times, meeting with a financial planner, celebrating my husband’s birthday, and going to Moab for Memorial Day.  Then once again I’ll possibly be distrait!



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