Celerity — Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

I took my shoe to the repair shop to have the buckle fixed.  Today, three weeks later, I am finally able to pick it up.  It was not fixed with celerity.

Celerity (suh-ler-i-tee) is a noun that means speed, swiftness, or quickness.  The fellow repairing the buckle was not swift.  He was not speedy.  He was not quick.  It’s a good thing that I had another pair of shoes that I could wear while I was waiting to get my shoe back!

Do you know anybody who always seems to have a quick wit and can say an immediate response to things that others say?  Not me!  It seems that three days later I think of a reply to what I should have said.  That is NOT celerity of thinking.

My husband walks with great celerity.  His pace is brisk and quick.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with him.  However, he does not type with celerity.  He uses his two index fingers to hunt and peck.  It takes him a long time to type a simple, short e-mail message. He is rather maladroit at the keyboard.  (I’m just the opposite.  I type with GREAT celerity. At times, I have been tested to type over 100 words a minute!)

Maladroit (mal-uh-droit) is an adjective that means clumsy, unskillful, or awkward.  My husband is definitely unskilled at typing.  A neophyte carpenter can be maladroit with different tools until he learns how to use them.  When kids have a growth spurt, at times they may seem awkward and gangly and maladroit.  I felt very maladroit when I was first trying to learn how to ski.  I was extremely clumsy and awkward when I tried to walk with my skis on!

There’s another definition for maladroit and that is tactless or bungling.  When handling a crisis, an employer could be maladroit – or be tactless and mismanage and bungle the crisis.  If someone is rude and tactless, they are being maladroit.  I know a fellow who is always saying things that offend people.  He is very lacking in social skills!  Condoleezza Rice has great tact and diplomacy and is not maladroit during politically tense moments.  Which is good.  A Secretary of State should be VERY diplomatic!

Have a great week-end!


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