A Totally Useless Word . . . Probably . . .

Because of the busy day today, I will not be producing a podcast. Sorry! BUT — that doesn’t mean I don’t have a word for you today. I do. But I can’t think of any normal conversation where normal people who are talking about normal things would use this word. If somebody did use this word, it would probably be more for a laugh.

That word is omphaloskepsis (om-fuh-loh-skep-sis). Omphaloskepsis is a noun that means contemplation of one’s navel as an aid to meditation.

See what I mean? Just how many times does a person use her navel as an aid to meditation? And who would ever admit to using her belly button to meditate? Certainly not I!

Now, to give the word a fair shake, this word is also an idiom which usually means complacent self-absorption. This puts a little bit of a different twist to the word. You could use it to describe a person who what is very please with herself, with her merits, with her situation, with her personal qualities. It could also refer to a rather smug person.

If you use the word with the first definition, you might get a chuckle from others. If you use it with the second meaning, you might get punched in the nose by the person to whom you were referring!


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