Singing or Caterwauling?

I am taking a beginning guitar class and am having great fun! Well, that is if you don’t count the fact that I had extremely sore fingers for the first two weeks and now I have ghastly looking callouses . . .

I knew that several folks in our office also played the guitar. So, I decided to organize a guitar fest, where we could strum, pluck, sing — or in my case caterwaul.

Singing isn’t one of my finer qualities. Sometimes it sounds more like caterwauling. Caterwaul (kat-er-wawl) is a verb that means to quarrel like cats. Wail, shriek, squawk, yowl, to utter long wailing cries, howl. (It also means to have a noisy argument.) By knowing this definition, you get the idea of how good of a singer I am . . . I don’t think I would ever win any grammy awards.

I’m recommending that no one bring tomatoes . . . .

Our family is going to Moab, Utah, to go 4-wheeling.  I won’t be posting anything until next Tuesday, May 29. Till then!


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