A Fancy Word for a Cold

The national spelling bee is over. I was interested in seeing what the winning word was – and the words the finalists spelled incorrectly to put them out of the bee. Finalists were narrowed down to five. The winner correctly spelled the word serrefine which is a noun that describes small forceps. Not a word that I use in everyday conversation.

The person that came in second misspelled the word coryza (kuh-rahy-zuh) which means acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavities. Basically a head cold. Now that’s a word I would probably use! (“Got a coryza?  Oh, you poor thing!”)

The next three misspelled words were aniseikonia (a visual defect), oberek (a Polish folk dance) and cyanophycean (a kind of algae). Again, words that I really don’t think I would use. There is a paucity that I would have a need for them in a common conversation.

So my word for today is paucity. Paucity is a noun that means smallness of quantity, scarcity, scantiness, fewness, smallness, insufficiency of number. There is a paucity (or a scanty) need for those words in ordinary conversation. Just how often do I talk about algae . . . maybe only when trying to convince my son to clean the bathroom . . . . And a very slim need to use aniseikonia or oberek!

Poor people have a paucity of resources (scarcity or insufficient amount). There is a paucity of books (or few) written before 1000 A.D. Sometimes there is a paucity of evident (or lack of evidence) during some crime investigations so the crimes do not get solved.

I have a paucity of time lately (a scarcity of time) to record a podcast. Next week will be better. I hope . . . .


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