Know Anybody Who Is Obsequious?

 Today’s word is obsequious.  Obsequious (uhb-see-kwee-uhs) is an adjective that means fawning.  If a person is obsequious, they are attempting to please someone, trying to get in their favor or on their good side.  Picture a dog who wags his tail or who whines and has big sad eyes to show  his devotion to his master.

Sometimes people are fawning to others — they fuss over them.  They try to make things pleasant for them.  They flatter the person and say nice things to them.  They try to make them happy and comfortable with an ingratiating manner — almost to the point of groveling or of being submissive.  This is being obsequious.

Sometimes  store clerks or car salesmen are obsequious — especially when they are trying to get you to buy something.  In the days when there were servants, many times they were obsequious to their masters.  When people seek a favor from someone, they are sometimes obsequious — they fawn over the person and try to get in their good favor.

If someone acts obsequious towards you, they just might have an ulterior motive.  They might want something from you or might want you to do something that benefits them.  Beware!


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