Mendicant, Occlude, and Predilection

Last week, a person from Kazakhstan (who is studying for the GRE and TOEFL exam) e-mailed me and mentioned he is using my podcast to help with his studying. I enjoy finding out about my readers and listeners and where they live! In addition to reading my blog and listening to my podcast, the best advice is to read, read, read. That will help with reading comprehension and will also help to build your vocabulary.

Today’s first word is mendicant. Mendicant (men-di-kuhnt) is a noun that describes a person who lives by begging — who is a beggar. Sometimes you might see people holding a sign that claims they are homeless and without money. They are begging for money. They are mendicants – assuming that they never work and that all they ever do is beg for money. Parents want their children to get a good education so that they can have a job and not be a mendicant. The government wants people to work so that they are not mendicants or dependent on the government for welfare.

The second word is occlude (uh-klood) to close or stop up. To shut in, shut out, or shut off. To obstruct, clog, block, plug. I read an article yesterday where a woman was struggling with a plugged drain. It was occluded (blocked, plugged) and water wouldn’t go down the drain. She accidentally got foul smelling water sprayed all over her! Yuck! What a miserable experience to have an occluded drain.

During the summer, people have their windows open. If they have noisy neighbors, they might try to occlude (shut out) the noise by shutting the window. If you are studying your homework at the kitchen table and the TV is blaring in the family room, you might want to occlude (block out) the noise of the TV by concentrating harder on your homework.

The last work is predilection. Predilection (pred-l-ek-shuhn) is a noun that means a tendency to think favorably of something in particular. You are partial towards something. You have a preference. For instance, I do not really care for soda pop. But I have a predilection for Dr. Pepper. I prefer drinking Dr. Pepper over other types of pop.

You might have a predilection (strong liking) for country music. You would prefer listening to that type of music instead of rap or classical music. You could have a predilection for a certain color, a certain type of car, a certain style of clothing. You could have a predilection (or a preference) for many things!

I have a predilection for words! And for writing and podcasting about them! Dear Reader, I would hope that you develop a predilection for words, too!


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