This is a Dolorous Posting!

The first word for today is dolorous. Dolorous (dol-er-uhs) is an adjective that means full of, expressing, or showing pain, sorrow, or grief. When something tragic happens such as a high school athlete paralyzed from a car accident, the community might be dolorous. They would be full of sorrow and they might send the family flowers and cards to express their sorrow.

Earlier this summer, a local elementary school teacher and her children were killed in a car accident. Her students and their families were dolorous upon hearing the news (full of grief and sorrow). If an engaged couple breaks off their marriage, the once bride-to-be might be very moody, cry a lot, and unpleasant to be around. She would be dolorous (showing or expressing pain).

It also means mournful. You could have a dolorous song if the words tell a sad story. Sometimes the melody of a song is dolorous if it is written in a minor key. If you receive sad news such as someone loosing their job, the death of a loved one, or someone not being accepted into medical school, that news could be considered dolorous news.

The next word is repine. Repine (ri-pahyn ) is a verb that means to be fretfully discontented. To fret and complain. To be in low spirits. To long for something. Maybe you are not happy in your job. You feel that you were overlooked for a promotion. You didn’t get the raise you felt you deserved. Your boss doesn’t treat you fairly. You repine (fret and are discontent) over the whole situation.

I have a neighbor who is in her mid-thirties and is not yet married. She repines about her unmarried status. She longs to be married. Children who are given up for adoption repine for their birth parents. They feel fretfully discontent. They want to know who their parents were and why they were given up for adoption.

My, my, my. Today’s words are on the sad side. However, since today is Friday and the week-end will soon be here, I don’t think you’ll repine too much (be in low spirits)!

Make it a great week-end!


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