A Great Hullabaloo

Over the week-end, I started reading the novel Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I wasn’t particularly interested in reading it. But, one of my employees recommended it. Everyone’s reading it, she said. It’s the current rage on college campuses across the United States, she said. You’ve just GOT to read it, my daughter said. And then she let me borrow her book to make sure I had a copy to read. Sounds like there is a big hullabaloo if you ask me.

Hullabaloo ( huhl-uh-buh-loo) is one of today’s words. It is a noun that means a clamorous noise or disturbance, an uproar, a great noise or excitement. This book is causing a great excitement and a great uproar. If you read the comments on Amazon.com about the book, you will see many rave reviews. Even though the book was written for young adults, many adults find it intriguing and suspenseful. Of COURSE there’s going to be suspense when a human is falling in love with a vampire and the vampire is trying to control his desire to drink her blood!! But Bella, the heroine, is intrepid and willingly pursues the relationship.

Intrepid is the next word. Intrepid (in-trep-id) is an adjective that means fearless or brave. Bella is brave to associate with a vampire. Can she really trust him that he will have enough self-control that he won’t bite her neck? (There sure are lots of scenes where his lips brush lingeringly against her neck . . . and many descriptions of his teeth . . .) Bella seems to be bold, courageous and not at all intimidated or scared of what could happen. That’s intrepid. Or maybe true love?

After reading scary, suspenseful books, can you be intrepid (brave and bold and courageous) when you are at home alone at night? Or walking down a deserted street at night? When it’s stormy? And the wind is howling? And you hear scary noises?

I’d rather stay in my cozy snuggery, with all of the lights on, and with all of the doors and windows locked!!


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