Don’t Defalcate!

One of my employees showed me a book he purchased. It was titled something like 15000 Words An Educated Person Should Know. I flipped through the book with interest. Would I know most of the words? Would there be any that I wouldn’t know? (Read that to mean ‘am I educated enough to know all of the words in the book?’)

Well, I did come across a word that I didn’t know. A great word! It’s defalcate. Defalcate (di-fal-keyt) is a verb that means to embezzle. Quite a few years ago, one of my acquaintances defalcated money from the company where she was working. Because it was a first offense, she wasn’t sent to jail. (I don’t know how much money she embezzled. Maybe she didn’t take very much money and maybe that was taken into consideration for not sending her to jail.)

So, if a person misuses funds, if they steal, if they embezzle, if they take money from their work that doesn’t belong to them, that is defalcating.

Defalcate. That’s a mighty fancy word for stealing . . . .


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