How Tricky

Our son-in-law knows a very clever card trick.   His legerdemain is amazing to watch — especially when you don’t know how the trick works.

Legerdemain (lej-er-duhmeyn) is a noun that means an artful trick, trickery, or deception.   A show of skill or deceitful cleverness is legerdemain.  It comes from Old French that means ‘light of hand.’ 

If you have watched any of the Ocean’s 11, 12, or 13 movies, there is lots of trickery and deception going on.  Enron’s debacle could be considered a financial legerdemain — before it was discovered and people were caught and brought to trial.  Sometimes a smooth talking salesman’s sales pitch could be a legerdemain — especially if he convinced you to buy something that you really didn’t want!

Tomorrow  is a state holiday and I will be busy doing something fun with my family.  So, I won’t be posting any podcast!



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