An Omnifarious Dictatress

I came across an interesting word in my reading the other day. It was dictatress. Dictatress (dic-ta-tress) is a noun that means a female dictator or a female who dictates or commands.

This word could have a nice connotation or a not so nice one. A not so nice connotation could refer to a domineering wife who dictates to her husband what to do. Or dictates to her children what to do. Or a female boss who commands her employees in all things they should do.

On the nice side of things, it could generally refer to a female in a leadership position either in the military or the business world. A director who directs a non-profit organization. Someone who is the chairman of the board of directors for a hospital or a business. Someone who is in command and also happens to be female.

This word doesn’t necessarily have to apply to a human. It could refer a feminine ‘thing’ such as a country and ‘her’ leadership position in world politics. The ocean could be a dictatress as she dictates her command over ocean going vessels. Paris could be considered a dictatress because of her strong influence over fashion or food.

The other word for today is omnifarious. Omnifarious (om-nuh-fair-ee-uhs) is an adjective that means of all forms, varieties, or kinds. If you had omnifarious knowledge, you would have all kinds of knowledge. You would know lots of stuff about lots of stuff! You could be an omnifarious reader — reading J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, David McCullough, Maya Angelou, or the Wall Street Journal. A garden could have an omnifarious types of flowers, trees, and shrubs. A grocery store could carry an omnifarious assortment of products (a wide variety from Oriental specialty items to locally grown corn on the cob).

So, if you have an omnifarious dictatress, you have a female who dictates in all kinds of ways over all kinds of subjects!


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