Huzzah! It Worked. It Really Worked.

So, writing something in Word and sending it to my blog really works. There should be a word to celebrate this. Surprise? That would be a good word . . . . Skeptical . . . . another good word choice . . . . I was expecting a debacle.

I guess I’ll use debacle for today’s word. Debacle (dey-bah-kuhl) is a noun that means a complete collapse or failure. I was expecting a complete failure to be able to do what I just did.

Debacle can also mean a general break up or dispersion, a sudden downfall. An attempt at a civil overthrow of a government could end in a debacle which would mean it was a sudden great disaster or failure. Those attempting the overthrow would have not succeeded! The Enron incident was a debacle (great disaster). A long time ago, I was in a piano recital — and totally forgot the song I was playing. (Nerves made my mind go blank.) That was a failure — an embarrassing debacle for me.

I think I will celebrate this success . . . by trying to do it again sometime!


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