Don’t Read This Word Too Fast . . . .

Here’s a great word – but if you’re reading fast, it can really throw you for a loop. Acescent. Acescent (uh-ses-uhnt) is a noun that means turning sour or slightly sour. If you leave milk out of the refrigerator, it can turn acescent. Sometimes a dishcloth can get an acescent smell if it has been a long time since it has been washed.

A relationship can go acescent if one person isn’t very kind to the other person – and it could be ANY type of relationship not just a romantic one. Or a business relationship or business venture can turn acescent if things don’t go as planned.

If you’re reading fast and you read the word as ascent, you could get the meaning of the sentence mixed up. Ascent (uh-sent) means upward movement, or a rising movement like the ascent of a plane. Or a person’s ascent to the governorship during a political career. It could also mean the degree of inclination. If you are hiking in the mountains, the trail could have a steep ascent.

So, if the word in the sentence was acescent (turning sour) and it was talking about a relationship and you read the word as ascent (upward movement or a steep incline), the sentence wouldn’t make any sense at all to you!!

There’s another word that might add to a person’s confusion in this area. And that’s incessant. It’s pronunciation is similar to acescent. Incessant (in-ses-uhnt) is an adjective that means continuing without interruption. Ceaseless. Unending. Like the incessant drone of the airplane engine – which is quite loud if you are in the tail section of some planes! Or an incessant baby’s cry. Or the incessant pounding of the ocean’s surf and the cry of seagulls.

The incessant cry of the gulls can turn a romantic moment acescent if the couple wants some peace and quiet!


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