Overload, Harier, and Doss

Overload. I think that will be today’s first word. . . . That describes what life has been like the last little while. Both at work and personally.

Overload (oh-ver-lohd) is a verb that means an excessive load, to load to excess; overburden. It seems like my time has been loaded to excess and I haven’t had a moment to post to my blog. However, this morning my walking partner didn’t show up so I am taking this time (at 5:30 a.m.) to make a posting!

Yesterday on the radio I heard an interesting news story. Sounds like there is a running club in the eastern United States that have different activities to make running fun. One such activity is kind of like a hound chasing a hare. One group goes out and they mark a path for the other group to follow to find the first group. (They even have some deadend trails to confuse the first group and to make it more interesting.)

Well, the first group used flour to mark the trail. I guess the trail went through an Ikea store parking lot. Someone noticed the flour, freaked out, and called the police claiming that there was a dangerous substance that terrorists had left in the parking lot. The store was evacuated and a special team was called in wearing all sorts of protective gear to clean up the deadly white powdery substance. Come to find out, the running folks are now being charged with a felony. A FELLONY!

My first thought was can’t people recognize flour when they see it? But then I guess if people are eating more at McDonald’s than at home they might not have first hand experience with flour. Still, this group was just having fun and not meaning any harm and wasn’t indending to play a harmful prank nor do any terrorist-like activity. I think the charge is out of line with what happened.

That was a long story to introduce the next word. The club’s name included the word harier. I wasn’t familier with that word, so off to the dictionary I went. Harier (har-i-er) is a noun that refers to one of a small breed of hounds used for hunting hares. Well that makes sense after hearing what the club’s activities are like. Since I’m not into the dog world of hounds who hunts hares, I don’t believe this word will be used much in my regular conversation!

Then, last night, my husband was reading and came across a word he didn’t know and asked me what it was. The word was doss. I didn’t know that word either so once more I went to the dictionary. Doss (dos) is a noun that means a place to sleep. to sleep or lie down in any convenient place. The couch could be a doss (for those who fall asleep in front of the TV). The ground or a park bench could also be a doss. Your chair at work could be a doss — especially at 3:00 on a hot afternoon when you didn’t get much sleep the night before! Sometimes it refers to a cheap lodging place. So Motel 6 could be considered a doss. Staying at a relative’s home while on vacation so you don’t have to pay for a motel would be a doss.



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