Be Beatific

Today’s first word is beatific. Now before I give its definition, I want to caution you, Dear Reader, not to think it is connected with the word beautiful. That seems to be a common fallacy. Beatific (bee-uhtif-ik) is an adjective that means blissful or saintly. Someone can have a beatific look on their face which would mean that they look blissful or that they looked like a saint. A person can have a beatific feeling which means they would feel blissful. If they did a kind deed, they could feel beatific (saintly) for doing the kindness. Some synonyms for this word are serene, exalted, angelic, rapturous.

It can also mean bestowing bliss, blessings, or happiness. So if I did a beatific deed, I would have done something that bestowed happiness on others. Or that I had done something to bless someone’s life. Spending time with a lonely senior citizen would be a beatific kindness because that would definitely bring that person bliss and happiness.

The next word is fallacy. Fallacy (faluh-see) is a noun that means a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, or belief. So if someone thinks that the word beatific is similar in meaning to the word beautiful (or beauty), that idea is a false belief. It is misleading. Back in Columbus’ day, people thought the world was flat. That was a fallacy (false notion). Back in the olden days, wives were in disfavor if they couldn’t produce a son for their husband. The idea that the wife determined the sex of a child is a fallacy because in today’s world we know that is determined by the husband.


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