Is Blogging Sacrosant to You?

I just read a little description about a father reading bedtime stories to his elementary aged daughter.  He commented that at times, the hour was late and he felt there wasn’t time enough to read because it was past his daughter’s bedtime.  However, his daughter felt that the nightly ritual of reading the bedtime story was sacrosanct.

Sacrosanct is a good word to share here.  Sacrosanct (sak-roh-sangkt) is an adjective that means extremely sacred or inviolable.  You might recall reading in the Old Testament about the tabernacle of ancient Israel.  Inside that tabernacle was the Holy of Holies.  That room was sacrosanct – extremely sacred.  Churches may have temples, buildings, or objects that they consider very sacred.  They would be considered sacrosanct.

Wedding vows are sacrosanct – or at least more people ought to view them that way.  (Next week-end, we will be going to a 5oth wedding anniversary celebration of some dear friends who have definitely kept their wedding vows sacrosanct!)

Sacrosanct could also mean above or beyond criticism, change, or interference.  An author might consider his manuscript sacrosanct or above criticism or change.  The man’s daughter that I mentioned earlier felt that reading a bedtime story was an extremely sacred ritual.  It was above change or interference.  To her, there was nothing that was more important than time spent with her father as he read a bedtime story.

In the definition of sacrosanct, I used the word inviolable.  That’s another good word to share with you.  Inviolable (in-vahy-uh-luh-buh) is an adjective that means secure from destruction, violence, infringement, or desecration.  Holy temples with holy rooms are inviolable — generally not destroyed or desecrated.  (Unless it’s during wartime . . .)

Inviolable also means incapable of being transgressed or dishonored or immune to attack.  An oath or a promise or someone’s honor could be considered inviolable.  A fortress could be inviolable meaning that it would be impossible to attach it.  If I held the opinion that writing regularly on my blog was sacrosanct or inviolable, then maybe I would write here more often!


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