Be Ye Circumspect or Be Ye Quixotic?

Today’s posting is a personality check.  Which type of a person are you – circumspect or quixotic?  Circumspect (sur-kuhm-spekt) is an adjective that means prudent.  It means heedful of circumstances and potential consequences.  It means watchful, discreet, cautious.  Are you like that??

You could have circumspect behavior. That would mean your behavior was careful and discreet.  Not like the behaviors of actors, actresses, and politicians.  You could have a circumspect financial investment.  That investment would be a cautious investment, one in which you carefully noted the potential consequences of how it would go and the effect it would have on your financial status.  You could have circumspect driving habits (careful and cautious).  You could hold circumspect conversations (discreet and prudent and mindful of the potential consequence).  You probably know people who do not have circumspect behavior . . . . . and that’s too bad for them!

The next personality check is quixotic.  Quixotic (qwik-sot-ik) is an adjective that means impulsive and often rashly unpredictable.  Extravagantly chivalrous or romantic, visionary, impractical, fanciful, fantastic, imaginary.  Similar to Don Quixote’s actions in the novel by Cervantes.  In fact, this word’s origin is based on Don Quixote’s name and behavior and is meant to describe people with behavior similar to his.

So, if someone has quixotic behavior instead of circumspect behavior, they are not careful, discreet, nor prudent.  They are impulsive, rash, and unpredictable. They are also fanciful, extravagantly chivalrous, or romantic.  Sometimes young men in love are quixotic in an effort to win a girl’s affection.  They do extravagantly romantic and chivalrous things for the young woman.  They are rash and impulsive in their behavior toward the young lady.  Sometimes their actions are dashingly romantic . . . sometimes they seem dashingly foolish . . . just like Don Quixote!  (Girls could be quixotic, too.  It’s just not a guy thing!)

So, which are you?  Circumspect or quixotic???


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