Ambidextriously Adroit

My niece e-mailed me the other day with a word she just learned — adroit. She was rather excited because it fit her so well. Not only can she write with her right hand, she can also write with her left hand. She favors her left hand . . . .

Adroit (uh-droit) is an adjective that means expert or nimble in the use of the hands or body. My niece is very expert and nimble at using both of her hands for writing! I’ve seen some people’s penmanship that indicated that they can’t even write with one hand!! I saw a magician perform some magic tricks this week and he certainly was adroit with his hands. A gymnast is adroit with her body as is anyone who is into sports (e.g. basketball, football, baseball, etc.)

Adroit can also mean cleverly skillful, resourceful, or ingenious. Someone good at debating could be an adroit debater. Parents could be adroit at managing their financial resources. Someone who has a great desire to accomplish something in the face of hardship oft times is adroit at problem solving to gain the desires of their heart.

I need to improve my adroitness with words . . .


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