A Logophile and a Rapacious Reader

The other day in an attempt to describe myself, I said that I was a logophile. Someone who likes logos? you ask. Someone who likes logs? Blimey, no!

A logophile (law-guh-fahl) is an adjective that means a lover of words or a word buff. This should be obvious to those who read this blog and listen to my podcast. I collect words. I buy books about words and their definitions — books that aren’t dictionaries. I love to play word games like Boggle and Scrabble and Taboo. I have a ‘word of the day’ on my fridge to help me learn those new words that I collect. I use those new words in my conversations with friends, acquaintances, and the random guy on the street. I try and teach them to my walking partners. (But who, at 5:30 a.m., is ever mentally attuned to learning??? But that doesn’t stop me from trying . . .)

‘Logos’ comes to us from the Greek and means word or speech. Then anybody who is ANYBODY knows that phile means friend or lover. Words are my friends and I love them. Most of the time — until I stick my foot in my mouth!

Part of being a logophile is due to the fact that I am a rapacious reader. Rapacious (ruhpey-shuh-s) is an adjective that means ravenous, voracious, inordinately greedy. So that means I’m a voracious or an avid reader. I’m always reading something. Got a stack of books by my bedside. A few at work. My bookshelves are overflowing. Might have to get more. Shelves AND books!

Someone could have a rapacious appetite meaning that they crave,desire, or eat large quantities of food. It could also means subsisting on prey such as wolves, or sharks, or buzzards do. Someone might figuratively subsist on prey such as loan sharks, or someone trying to make some quick money of unsuspecting people, or oil companies.

I hope that my blog helps you develop a taste for learning new words!

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