A Coterie of Co-Workers

Today, staff meeting was a wee bit unusual. (My employees keep telling me that I need to watch the TV show ‘The Office’ . . . .) We had wanted to have a Thanksgiving party. But, finding a time when all my student employees could make it to a ‘party’ during the day between their class schedule and work schedule was nigh on impossible. So, that’s when we came up with the idea of partying . . . er I mean ‘training’ at our staff meeting.

We each brought food for a taco feast.  (Did pilgrims on the Mayflower eat soft shell tacos and taco salad??) One employee brought in Dance Revolution and one brought some Wii games. We ate. We danced. We boxed. We played tennis. Fun! Little did any of us want to put the games away and clean up the food when it was time to get back to work.

One of the benefits (besides the calories consumed) was that this activity helped to strengthen our camaraderie and helped to create a coterie. Coterie (koh-tuh-ree) is a noun that means a group of people who associate closely, an exclusive group, a clique. My employees are an exclusive group. The group is limited to only those who work for me. They associate with each other during the work day. This ‘staff’ meeting helped to bring them together in a fun activity to develop a friendship, a relationship as ‘people’ and not just simply co-workers.

If you do many activities with friends, your group of friends is a coterie. If you belong to a book club, those folks are your coterie. If you belong to a 4-wheeling club, those folks with whom you bounce and jounce around on 4-wheeling trails are your coterie. So a coterie is (usually) a small, often select group of persons who associate with one another frequently. (This could even be your family — as long as you associate with each other on a regular basis!)

How many coteries do you think you are a part of??

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