At this time of year, our thoughts turn to (or at least they SHOULD!) to those less fortunate. To helping out those in need by donating food, clothing, gifts, and toys to various charitable organizations to bring some warmth, comfort, and happiness especially to the ragamuffins in the world.

A ragamuffin (rag-uh-muhf-in) is a noun used to describe someone, especially a child, in ragged, dirty clothes. Sometimes a child could be a ragamuffin in looks (especially after a delightful time spent in the mud) without being a child in a destitute situation. When you go tent camping for a week, your son might come home dirty and disheveled because he was able to have fun out in nature while escaping a nightly visit to the bathtub. Sometimes our sons have come home from Boy Scout camp looking very much like a ragamuffin!

The other day, I received an e-mail with some pictures and statistics of the amount and type of food Americans eat in comparison to other countries around the world. I thought that I would share just two of the them here with you (since today’s word could aptly describe some of the children in those families).



At this time of year — and then all year long! — may you reach into your pocket to do what you can to help ragamuffins around the world live a better life. Every little bit helps.

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