A Perfervid Football Fan

The football team of the university that I work for recently played a rival university’s football team. As has been the custom in the past, our team won in the remaining seconds of the game. (That was something that a previous football coach seemed to do with great flair!) Those intense last few seconds of the football game have given many perfervid football fans great anxiety as the ecstatic euphoria of winning and the depths of despair of losing do a wild tango dance with their emotions.

Perfervid (er-fur-vid) is an adjective that means very fervent, extremely ardent, impassioned. It describes a person that is zealous or someone who is characterized by intense emotion. And, boy, let me tell you, emotions are intense at those rival football games!

Perfervid could also describe someone who is passionate about writing novels, or flying airplanes, or dancing. I know a lady who is really into herbs and home remedies. She is perfervid in her feelings that herbs can cure anything. I also know people who are perfervid about home schooling. They have strong and intense emotions about homeschooling their children. We go Jeeping a lot and some of our associates are passionate (perfervid) about going 4-wheeling in their Jeep. There are perfervid patriots, perfervid animal rights activists, and perfervid environmentalists.

Now, I’m not saying any of this is wrong or that I am against any of the afore mentioned activities. I’m just saying that these people are extremely ardent and passionate in their beliefs and feelings in those areas.

So, if you know anybody who is extremely passionate about something, you could consider them a perfervid. But be careful. If you call them a perfervid to their face, they might think you’ve called them a bad name. You might have to give a hasty explanation before they get offended and punch you in the face!

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