Stroppy is as Stroppy Does

I was reading an article about podcasting this morning and came across an interesting word.  The author referred to another person as being stroppy.  Having never seen that word before, I dashed over to  Here’s what I learned.

Stroppy (strop-ee — pronounced like the word straw and the word pea) is an adjective that means bad-tempered or hostile.  Quick to take offense.  Because this is the Christmas season, my thoughts turned to Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ story A Christmas Carol.  Scrooge was a bad-tempered person.  A bad-tempered employer.  Generally, just bad-tempered.

Do you know anybody who is bad-tempered all the time?  You might want to tell them to stop being stroppy!

Or, do you know someone who is easily offended?  It seems that you have to tip-toe around them so that you don’t do or say something where they’ll take offense and get mad at you. Those type of people are not fun to be around!

I hope you aren’t one . . .

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