Rived Dreams = Shattered Dreams

Yesterday, I read about a man’s dream to become an author. Not just any ol’ run of the mill author who churns out pulp fiction. He wanted to be an author along the same lines as Shakespeare. He wanted to be that well respected. That ‘classical.’ That enduring through the ages. Yet he mourned that his life was passing by and he wasn’t accomplishing his dream. His dream was almost rived.

He mentioned that he hadn’t reached his 30th birthday. So I ask, “What’s your problem?” He still has plenty of life time left to continue working on his dream!

Rive (rīv – that’s with a long ‘I’ sound) is a verb that means to wrench open or tear apart or to pieces. You can rive a door which would mean you wrenched it open. A bear can rive you or tear you to pieces with his sharp claws and his sharp teeth. This riving is usually done with force or violence. (Can’t say that I’ve heard of a bear tenderly and gently tearing someone to pieces . . .)

Rive also means to shatter, crack, or fracture. If you have high hopes that something will happen and it doesn’t, your dreams are rived (shattered). That’s how this author-to-be felt about his unattained dream. A mirror can be rived (cracked or shattered). A glass dish can be rived (or riven) when it is dropped on the floor. (Hopefully it isn’t your great-grandmother’s china that gets riven!)

Our car’s windshield is rived (cracked) and we’ll have to get it replaced before it can pass inspection next month.

Rive can also mean divide into pieces such as a nation rived by civil war. That pretty much describes many places in the Middle East and some countries in Africa . . .

I hope you continue working on your dreams.  Regardless of your age.  I am . . .

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