Living Life with Panache

What a slacker I’ve been! However, I do believe that I have a good reason . . . Our son and his wife are expecting in April. It will be our first grandchild and I am so excited!! So, I’ve been organizing and planning a baby shower for our daughter-in-law. I’ve also made one quilt for the baby with another almost finished. And, I have yet a third in the sewing closet waiting its turn.

In addition to the shower and the quilts, I have started a websites for grandmothers. I did a search on the Internet and didn’t really find a page like I envisioned with the type of information I was looking for. So, I decided to create on. You might have noticed the link on my site. It is If you know any grandmothers, you might want to point them to this site. It is full of fun ideas that grandmothers can do with their grandchildren to develop strong relationships. I would like it to be the premier site for grandmothering ideas so encourage all the grandmothers that you know to visit it and to share their ideas.

Now. For today’s word. I came across this word a few days ago. I’ve read it before but have been such a slacker that I’ve never looked it up. Then, yesterday, I saw the word used to describe a candle. This made me wonder how in the world the word could refer to a candle. So, I finally broke down and looked the word up in the dictionary.

The word is panache. Panache (puh-nash) refers to an ornamental plume of feathers, tassels, or the like, especially one worn on a helmet or cap. Well. The candle did not have any panache whatsoever. No plumes. No feathers. No tassels. They would catch on fire too easily!

However, the other definition could possibly fit the candle. That definition is a grand or flamboyant manner. Flair. The candle had a rounded bottom and then it got narrower and then it ‘flaired’ open. It reminded me of a flower vase.

I think the candle advertising person misused the word. The glass container that the candle was in wasn’t that fancy. Like I said, it looked like a simple flower vase. It did ‘flair’ at the top meaning it got bigger. I think that the flair part of the definition of panache means distinctive style or elegance. There wasn’t anything stylish or elegant about the candle. At least from my point of view.

Panache can be used in describing people’s lifestyle. Do you know someone who has a grand or flamboyant manner? Who lives life to the fullest? Has zest and enthusiasm in all that she does? Someone who doesn’t just sit around watching TV, eating potato chips and drinking soda pop? Someone who goes fun places, does fun things, and does so with great energy and style? That person has panache.

So, as winter winds its weary way into the brightness and warmth of spring, add some panache to your life. Do something with style and elegance. Enjoy life to it’s fullest!!

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How Unctuous Are You?

I received an e-newsletter that used an interesting word. The article described the tone of an author’s writing as being unctuous. I had read that word before and hadn’t taken the effort to look it up. So, I thought this was the perfect time to learn a new word.

Unctuous ( uhngk-choo-us) is an adjective that means unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech. So the tone of the writing was sickeningly sweet. It was attempting to be overly polite and nice almost to the point of being condescending.

A person could be unctuous in tone of voice or in what he says. A person could also be unctuous in mannerisms by having excessive nodding of head in agreement, having a huge smile all the time, and saying things like “Mmm. Uh hun” or “Yes, yes” or “So true.” You might consider that they have a ‘smooth tongue’ and use a lot of buttery praise. At times, they might come across as being fake.

Does this describe you?  I hope not . . .

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