Catholically Does Not Mean Religious

I recently read a newsletter that was talking about how to improve your writing. In that newsletter, the author used the word ‘catholically.’ She said that writers need to read ‘widely and catholically.’ I didn’t think she meant that their reading had to be about catholicism. But to make sure, I headed over to the dictionary.

Catholical (kuh-thol-ik-lee) is an adjective that means broad or wide-ranging in tastes or interests. Broad-minded or liberal. Universal in extent. Basically, she was saying that writers need to read a variety of things — and not stick just to political intrigues or murder mysteries. A widely read writer will dip her toes into business management books, biographies, technical or scientific magazines. Her backstroke of reading topics would cover art, music, history, quilting, agronomy, Her doggie paddle might even include the newspaper!

A person could be catholical in places traveled, in types of food eaten, in activities participated in. If a person was catholical — or broad minded, she would be open minded, flexible, tolerant of views different from her own. Her point of view would not be narrow biased, or intolerant.

If you were catholicallly inclined, you would probably get along swimmingly well with others!

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