Another New Word . . . Finally . . .

As you can tell, my postings on WordSmithie are very sparse.  Besides having a busy life like everybody else, I have a new interest in my life — and therefore another blog that has captured my spare time.  So,  this blog is like the ugly step-sister that gets shoved behind the coal-bin in the kitchen and is totally ignored!

It’s a good thing that I still am reading (for 2 minutes before I fall asleep at night).  Because, I am still coming across new words.  And, I recently came across the word febrile.

Febrile (fee-bruhl) is an adjective that means pertaining to or marked by fever.  Feverish.  So, if a child is sick and has a temperature, you could say that he was febrile.

If a student was frantically working on a school project that was due the next day, his efforts could be described as febrile (feverish).  Or if an ad agency was trying to meet a looming deadline, their actions could be febrile.

For someone who has a ‘be happy, don’t worry’ attitude, I don’t believe that they will have many febrile moments in their life.  🙂

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