A Phrase Used in Contracting Situations

This morning in my e-mail, I got a notification about changes in a contract for online training to which my office subscribes. While reading through the contract agreement, I came across a delightful phrase: force majeure.

Force majeure is a noun that we get from the French. The first word ‘force’ is pronounced like we normally pronounce force. ‘Majeure’ is pronounced ma-zhur. Force majeure means an unexpected and disruptive event that may operate to excuse a party from a contract. An unavoidable catastrophe. An uncontrollable event.

This phrase was used in the section discussing access to the online training and what the company would do in the event of a force majeure. So, a force majeur in this situation could be anything from an earthquake, power outage, or acts of computer hackers that would make it so users could not have access to the training.

So, when in your leisure reading of contracts you happen to come across the phrase ‘force majeure,’ you will know exactly what that phrase means!

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