Over Eaters Anonymouse

I have been such a slacker at posting words here . . . writing on my GrandmaIdeas.com site about fun activities grandmothers can do with grandchildren has absorbed my interests lately (. . . and my time!!).

i am currently at a conference helping with the technology support for the conference. And talk about food!! The cafeteria where we eat is an open buffet. I knew this before I came and vowed to have self control and not over eat. I have been quite good there.

However, the conference has refreshment breaks. The left over food comes to the technician’s room. And there has been TONS of leftovers. (Nibble. Nibble.) Then, the conference planners wanted to give us treats throughout the days so they provided goodies. (Munch, chomp, slurp.) There has been so much food that we made a trip to a local homeless shelter to give them some of the food!

‘Tis in the technician’s room where I have no self-control. I have turned into quite the gundygut. (Gobble. Devour. Belch.)

Gundygut (guhn-di-guht) is an adjective that means a voracious eater. We eat, and eat, and eat. As I sit here typing this, the table and floor is covered with food — bagels, muffins, cinnamon rolls, yogurt and granola, fruit, candy, nuts. I walk by the licorice and 3 pieces jump into my mouth. The yogurt calls seductively to me. The trail mix pouts if I ignore it.

Gundygut can also refer to a greedy person. So, depending on the context, it can refer to someone’s eating habits or to their selfishness. A person can be a gundygut if they are greedy with their money, their possessions, or even their time.

I didn’t even know what a gundygut was a week ago. And now I am one.

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