A Wee Bit Overused

The other day I was reading a blog about getting organized. I LOVE it when I feel organized and on top of things . . .

In my reading I came across the word crufty. Within a few more minutes of reading, the author had used that word again. Because I didn’t know the meaning of that word and intrigued as to why the author might use that unusual word two times so close together, I took a jaunt over to my favorite site — dictionary.com. I liked the definition so I made note of it so that I could share it here.

That was about 2 months ago. I’m finally getting around to writing about it. Real Johnny-on-the-spot aren’t I?

Crufty (kruhf-tee) is an adjective that means poorly built. A house could be crufty. A software program could be crufty. A computer operating system could be crufty. Any craft project that I undertake will ALWAYS be crufty!

As I was about to write this post, I couldn’t remember what the author was referring to so I went back to the site to re-read it. As I searched his site, he had over SIXTY posts where he used crufty! I think it must be his favorite word . . . Maybe he needs to increase his vocabulary . . . He used crufty in reference to writing, to to-do lists, to a one word e-mail response, to kitchen utensils, to files on your computer, to a plethora of open windows on your computer desktop.

I almost got the sense that he used the word more to infer something was ‘not good’ instead of using it for the correct definition. Maybe he was a crufty writer who had a crufty vocabulary so his thinking was crufty and his output was crufty . . .

May the crufty force not be with you . . .

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