WordSmithie #1

I’ve recently learned about Gabcast where you can create a podcast using your phone. I thought that was a cool idea and had to try it out. Here it is.

Gabcast! WordSmithie #1

This was pretty slick. Much faster than setting up my mic to my computer, creating it, uploading it, and making a link to it.

There are three drawbacks that I can initially see. First, I cannot edit anything. If I make a mistake, it’s recorded and saved.

Second, there isn’t any way to add a music intro or outro. Rats.

Third, I can’t see a way to delete my Gabcast. I had thought that I would just make a quick podcast, see how it works, and then delete it. Well, it looks like this silly podcast will be available for the world to hear . . . Double rats . . . .

However, it is really sweet that it will automatically load the link to the Gabcast in this blog. That almost makes the drawbacks bearable. . . .

By the way, the word in this podcast is fard — spelled with a ‘D’ and not a ‘T’ . . .

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