Be Not a Jobbernowl

Neglected: transitive verb meaning to pay little or no attention to. As in this blog.  Poor little step-child.

Preoccupied: adjective meaning completely engrossed in thought. Absorbed. As in I am preoccupied with my grandma blog thus neglecting this one. As in I-haven’t-posted-something-here-for over-two-months! I’m such a scalawag.

Grandma: noun meaning what I am.

Grandson: noun meaning the smartest, cutest, most wonderful little person in the world that causes Grandma (me) to be preoccupied with my grandmother blog thus neglecting this blog.

Feeling quite guilty, I will now share a great word with you.  That word is jobbernowl.

Jobbernowl (job-er-no-l)  is a noun that means a blockhead or a stupid fellow.  Sometimes I feel that I am a block head.  Like when I don’t make a post on this site for great lengths of time.  Like when I can’t remember if I’ve told my husband something and I tell him again.  Like when I can’t figure out how to make HTML play nicely within WordPress.

In the past, I have used the phrase ‘dough head’ when I have wanted to describe myself as someone who does something stupid.  Now that I know the word jobbernowl, I’ll have to use it instead. . . . while I try not to be such a jobbernowl . . .

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