May the Propitious Words Be With You

Two years ago I read a book that had a plethora of unfamiliar words.  Ocassionaly when I am feeling the need to learn a new word, I go back to that list of words.  This morning, I felt the need.

So I selected propitious. Propitious (pru-pish-uhs) is an adjective that means favorable, profitable, good and helpful, kindly or gracious. If you spend a few days at someone’s home, your host could be propitious — very kind, helpful, gracious and attending to your every need and wish.  (Mothers tend to be propitious to their families!)

You could have a propitious breeze (if you are a sailor) that helps you sail your boat.  Or a propitious season (if you play on a sports team) where you win lots of games that get you into the final competition.

As a business owner, you could say that the first quarter of the year was propitious for your sales meaning that your sales were profitable.  In today’s economy, not too many businesses are propitious — like the car manufacturers.  Maybe if they changed their business practices, things would be different for them.  Maybe.

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