Sweetness to My Ears

The other day while reading I came across an interesting word.  Mellifluous.

Mellifluous [muh-lif-loo-uhs] is an adjective that means sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding.  If a mother is screeching at her children, or a boss barking at an employee, or children are bickering, their voices are NOT mellifluous.

However, if your sweetheart says ‘I love you’ or your boss says ‘You get a raise’ or if a friend says ‘You look lovely today,’ those comments are mellifluous to your ears.

Other things can be sweet-sounding:  a baby cooing, a light breeze through quaking aspen trees, money jingling in your pocket, someone playing the ukulele (like a young man did on my bus ride to work this morning), rain falling on a farmer’s parched field.

If you are having a good day, or a good rehearsal before a play, or a project going as planned, you could say those experiences were mellifluous (sweetly or smoothly flowing).

Harmonious is a synonym for mellifluous.  If your children were getting along and not squabbling, their behavior is mellifluous.  If a co-worker speaks nice to you (for once), that is a mellifluous experience.  If everybody gets along at a Thanksgiving dinner (when they usually criticize, argue, or complain), that would be a mellifluous gathering.

May you bring  many mellifluous sounds into the lives of others.

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