Me? Ineffable?

Saturday, our daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  There were some possibilities of complications with the birth.  So, I had been anxious for the past two weeks as the due date drew closer.

Everything went just fine with the delivery.  What a great blessing.  As I held the sweet baby in my arms, the love I felt for her and for my daughter and son-in-law was ineffable.

Ineffable [in-ef-uh-buhl] is an adjective that means incapable of being expressed or described in words.  Inexpressible.  Beyond words.

Ineffable could be used to describe joyously happy and good events such as a daughter or daughter-in-law having a baby.  Babies are so precious.

Then there are those ineffable experiences that are just the opposite of what I have felt with the birth of a granddaughter.  Like what I recently learned about.  A little four-year old boy had been playing in the water in his yard.  He was cold.  He laid down on the hot cement in the driveway to warm up.  Behind a car.  His aunt (his mother’s sister) not knowing he was there, got in her car and accidentally drove over the boy, killing him.  The mother’s sadness at losing a son would be extraordinarily overwhelming.  But, imagine the ineffable soul-searing, debilitating anguish her sister would feel at being the person who was the cause of the death of her sister’s child.

As you learn and use this word, I hope it is used more to describe wonderful experiences and not sad ones.

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